The Library of Psychoanalysis

The storey above the Museum will be fully devoted to the extensive scientific activities of the Sigmund Freud Private Foundation: the “Science Floor” will accommodate the Archive and the Library of Psychoanalysis. With almost 40,000 titles, the library is the largest specialist psychoanalytic library in Europe—and the second-largest in the world. For the first time, all books and sections will be combined on one level and will be accessible to all readers.

The study library will feature workstations available to its own science staff and visitors from Austria and abroad: psychoanalysts, researchers, cooperation partners and private individuals. The library runs programmes for young academics including research workshops for students and provides assistance to school-goers doing their VWA (academic paper for A-levels).

The centrepiece of the science section is the multifunctional lecture and reading room: regular lectures, conferences, workshops and film screenings will take place in the “historical salon” on the first floor.