Construction progress April 2020: COVID-19, elevator, paint works, final measures

Despite the current COVID-19 situation, we are working intensely on the renovation and enlargement of the Sigmund Freud Museum – of course observing all regulations. In the past days, we had the required safety training on the elevator and took a first test ride. The paint works in Freud‘s former practice and apartment are finished, the floors are restored. Thus, the rooms will soon be ready for delivery and setup of the exhibition cases, which are already in production. The final measures on the facade are under way, and the technical works in the interior are going forward. The new stairwell, which shall also work as an exhibition room, undergoes superficial completions.

We are loking forward to opening the Sigmund Freud Museum and presenting it to our visitors when the COVID-19 regulations will have ceased.
Pictures from the construction site, Credit: Sigmund Freud Foundation

Construction progress December 2019: Plastering inside walls, removing of the scaffolding, foyer

The structural works are mostly completed. The plastering of the inside walls and the paint work have already begun for starting to set up the interior at the beginning of the next year. The Basement, ground floor, new staircase and parts of the Bel Étage are already plastered and coated. The scaffolding of the house facing the street has now been removed, the facade is completely renovated above street entrance level. 
The finalization of the café and shop furniture in the foyer and the library is expected for spring 2020. At the same time, the exhibition is being worked on: the conception of content and design is almost finished. The showcases will be manufactured and arranged in spring.
Pictures from the construction site, Credit: Sigmund Freud Foundation

Construction progress summer 2019: Elevator shaft, second stairwell and changes on the mezzanine and the 1st floor

The construction in Berggasse 19 makes progress: The shaft for the elevator to provide barrier-free access already connects all floors. The works on the second stairwell which makes accessible all storeys used by the Sigmund Freud Museum and serves as an additional presentation space, are underway. Whereas the historic rooms in Sigmund and Anna Freud’s practice are carefully renovated, adaptations in the future research floor take place to enable its use as library and lecture room.
Pictures from the construction site at Berggasse 19, credit: Stephanie Letofsky, Sigmund Freud Foundation

Construction progress Sigmund Freud Museum 2020: Static measures and preparations at the ground floor and the basement

In the former function room on the ground floor, our visitors will be offered tickets, a shop and a café. The cloakrooms and toilets, as well as our internal storerooms, will be accommodated in the basement. At the same time, static work are carried out in the basement in order to install the elevator and the new staircase in accordance with legal regulations. As you can see on the photos, the construction works are already in full swing and we are happy about the progress. More information about the architecture and redesign can be found here.

Pictures from the construction site at Berggasse 19, credit: Stephanie Letofsky, Sigmund Freud Foundation

The renovation and extension works start on 18 March

On 18 March 2019, we will start with the necessary construction works at Berggasse 19 to preserve this unique cultural heritage for future generations and to improve the Museum's presentation. While also modernising the Museum, the interventions by the architects Czech/Angonese/ARTEC equally preserve the original character of Freud’s private and work rooms. For more information on the architecture and the new concept please click here.
Photo: Notice approval of construction site. Credit: Sigmund Freud Privatstiftung

moving freud museum

From 4 March 2019 to May 2020
Berggasse 13 | Liechtensteinstraße 19
Daily open 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
moving freud museum informs during the closing time of the Sigmund Freud Museum about Freud in two locations in close vicinity: In the Berggasse 13 (location I) a presentation by means of original objects as well as film and photo admissions offers insights into life and work of the founder of the psychoanalysis. In Liechtensteinstrasse 19 (location II) a well sorted book shop and museum shop expects you in the ambience of a 1950s café. Moreover, here films are shown and events are held. Click here for more information.
Photos: Impressions moving freud museum. Credit: Stephanie Letofsky, Sigmund Freud Privatstiftung

Berggasse 19 is closed

Since 1 March 2019, the Sigmund Freud Museum at Berggasse 19 is closed for the renovation and will reopen in May 2020. Since February 28, we clear the museum rooms step by step and store all objects that are not on display at the moving freud museum.
Photos: Sigmund Freud Museum ready for starting the construction works. Credit: Stephanie Letofsky, Sigmund Freud Privatstiftung

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On October 29, Freud Foundation US and the Sigmund Freud Foundation hosted the first charitable dinner for the Sigmund Freud Museum vienna at Neue Galerie New York. At this occasion, Monika Pessler presented the project Sigmund Freud Museum 2020. The honorees present at the evening, Siri Hustvedt, Paul Auster and Joseph Kosuth, were honored for their continuous support of the museum.

Click here to view the picture gallery of this evening.

First Plans Sigmund Freud Museum 2020

We present first plans and depictions by the architectual offices Czech/ARTEC/Angonese.
Please click on the pictures for further information:



A Campaign for the Library of Psychoanalysis at the Sigmund Freud Museum

In March 2018, the Austrian charity launched the Crowdfunding-campaign FREUD spenden for the Library of Psychoanalysis in the Sigmund Freud Museum. The campaign supports the renovation and relocation of Europe's largest library on psychoanalysis at the historic site Berggasse 19.

Space limitations have created a situation where the book and archive holdings today are spread over three partially dilapidated floors. We plan to bring these together on one level in 2020 and provide scientists, visitors and employees with a study library with modern equipment. The adjoining event hall will then act as a place of communication, discourse and dialogue. Equipped with state-of-the-art database and catalog software, the library and archive can be viewed online and thus become a worldwide usable digital resource.

Gottfried fliedl writes about the project and the campaign in his "museologien" blog.



The library, which was founded at the same time as the museum, will move to the second floor of the house Berggasse 19.

The reading room and the main part of the book collection will be in the apartment no. 7:

In 1929, a couple by the name of Mathias moved into this apartment. In 1939, eight Jews who had been forced to vacate their former living quarters were assigned to the couple as subtenants. After the death of his wife Stefanie, Adolf Mathias himself lost his apartment. In 1942, he was deported to Theresienstadt, where he was murdered in 1943.

In 2004, the apartment passed into the hands of the City of vienna, who made it available for the Sigmund Freud Foundation in 2006. It is being used in an unrenovated state for exhibitions and as a storage room for a part ot the library and the archive since.



Successful Crowdfunding for the Sigmund Freud Museum 2020

Our crowdfunding campaign at for the renovation and reorganization of the Sigmund Freud Museum turned out as a big success: we could gain supporters nationally and internationally for the project SIGMUND FREUD MUSEUM 2020 – a total of 85,504 euros was raised by contributions from 306 donors.

The whole team of the Sigmund Freud Museum says thank you for this powerful support!

This success marks another important step on the path to reaching the sum necessaryfor renovating and enlarging the museum by 2020: currently, we are in need of another 700,000 euros to reach the project total of 3.94 milion euros.



Presentation of the Entries of the Architectural Competition

On 13 December 2017, the entries of the architectural competition SIGMUND FREUD MUSEUM 2020 had been presented to public: The winning project by ARGE Czech/Angonese/ARTEC (Vienna) and the entries by Arrea Architects (Ljubljana), Diener und Diener Architekten (Basel), merz merz gmbh & co. kg (Berlin) and BWM Architekten (Vienna) offer an comprehensive insight into the complexities of the task to preserve Sigmund Freud’s former apartment and practice as a significant site of culture and science for the future and to create a museum that meets international museum standards.

The international jury members András Pálffy (chairman), Nott Caviezel, Chris Dercon, Claudia Haas, Barbara Feller, Monika Pessler and Peter Nömaier honoured all five entries as excellent in their rationale.



The Winners of the Architectural Competition

The winning entry in our architectural competition for the renovation and reorganisation project Sigmund Freud Museum 2020 was submitted by the working group Czech/Angonese/ARTEC (AUT/ITA). The exhibition concept was met with particular recognition: «Particularly convincing for the jury is the museum concept that is characterised above all by a clear differentiation between exhibit and setting.» (Jury statement, 21/10/2017).

Members of the international jury: András Pálffy (Jabornegg & Palffy Architects), Nott Caviezel (Vienna University of Technology, president of EKD Zürich), Cris Dercon (Volksbühne Berlin), Claudia Haas (haas:consult), Barbara Feller (Architekturstiftung Österreich), Monika Pessler (Director of the Sigmund Freud Museum) and Peter Nömaier (chairman of the board of the Sigmund Freud Foundation).